Wednesday, December 05, 2007

December 5, 2007
Came into the office early. Lots of mountain dew on my Ranger windows (desert dew?). Had the defroster on high most of the way into work.

Trish, Joel, Sam are on their way to Vegas for Cowboy Christmas. I'm leaving tomorrow and Sue Lambert on Friday.

Last night was the surprise going away party for J.D. and his wife Kaylea who are moving to Utah to be near her kids. Christa Barro made him a plaque from all of us thanking him for all he has done for everyone in the neighborhood, and he read it and cried. He told several stories, including the one of being at a driver's meeting for food delivery (J.D. drives food to shut-ins) and the woman in front of him turned around, took a good look at him and said, "You must be 'Mad Dog.'" She read it on this blog and recognized him from the photos I ran.

J.D. and Joe Yaeger are coming down this morning to start the John Deere one more time. J.D. said, "You don't need me down there," but I told him, "Who is going to boss us around and tell us where to stand?" He's getting a haircut from Bev at eight and we're supposed to meet at my tractor barn at nine.

I have always loved drawing saguaros and for the last thirty years I have noodled around the idea that:

Saguaros Say The Darndest Things

Working on the Frank Hamer shootout in Sweetwater, Texas in 1917. His wife Gladys was in the shootout as well, trading shots with a shotgunner. Amazing story. Hamer was a famous Texas Ranger who is probably best known for bringing down Bonnie and Clyde. John Fusco has written a screenplay on Hamer's life and we're all eagerly awaiting that movie.

I've received lots of good comments on QTL and I'll run those later, but now I need to run home and join Mad Dog and Joe to start that Deere.

"Truth and life are all around you. What matters is where and when you decide to put your focus."
—Roger von Oech

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