Thursday, December 20, 2007

December 20, 2007 Bonus Blog Post
Okay, let's play catch-up and post some of the backlog from the past week:

Here's a series of stacked panels (above) inspired by a sketch I did last week. Not finished, but it has potential.

This is a Mickey Free scene "Climbing Up Through The Clouds," (above) poached from one of the photos Deena took at Machu Pichu, which is actually in a "cloud forest," in Peru, which I didn't know until last night when she was telling about how dramatic it was to go to this dramatic site.

And this is a simple scene of "Ratcliff Ridge," (above) which is the saguaro clad hill to the east of our house.

And, finally, here's the "Mysterious Woman On The Train to Regret." But she's not half as regretful as I am for ruining this subtle window scene. As it is, it could either be Laguna Pueblo in snow, or Regretville in snow. Take your pick.

Gee, I wonder of Ed has anything to add to this?

"You cannot explore the darkness by flooding it with light."
—Edward Abbey

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