Monday, December 03, 2007

December 3, 2007
Brisk out this morning. Most of the puddles are gone but the ground is still moist. Went down to the creek yesterday afternoon and the creek has basically rechanneled itself. Big boulders, stuck in hardened sediment (the water and the chemicals in the soil creates this very hard cement) were gone, leaving craters like a sliced avacado with the pit taken out. Hard to believe the power of water sometimes.

NASCAR Publishing Inspiration
When Kathy and I were driving out to PIR to meet Jeff Gordon and crew several weeks ago, we got to talking about book publishing and I was complaining how hard I work on my illustrated history books for such a meager return. She agreed I overproduce and said something to the effect that she and Theresa, at Tri Star, could probably put out a commercial success if I would butt out. This led to the following challenge: Kathy and Theresa will choose the content; the title of the book will be, "The Best of Bob Boze Bell In Black And White," and it will be 64 pages on gloss paper. The only catch is, she gets to keep the profit. Ha. Being the successful businessman I am, I accepted immediately.

Here's a typical black and white illustration I would put in the book:

Not sure if Theresa and Kathy will choose this but there are plenty of others. And speaking of a work in progress:

Hey, Top Secret Writer!
Yes, you. Here is a rough sketch of the master shot, scene 38 (below, right). Notice the gate in middle distance and who is walking and who is riding (lower, left). I'll explain when I see you in Vegas Friday.

And speaking of Vegas, I have a ton to do before we leave on Thursday. Seems like there aren't enough hours in the day. Gee, I wonder what Earl has to say about this?

"When the days are too short chances are you are living at your best."
—Earl Nightingale

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