Monday, December 31, 2007

December 31, 2007
Took a couple days off from doing the blog. Felt like a free man! Ha.

Working on commissions in the studio, going for bike rides and pampering the chickens, especially Bea-52 and Bea-53.

Went into the Beast twice and saw movies: Juno and then Walk Hard yesterday. One was a nine and one was a two. Shouldn't be too hard to guess which one was a huge disappointment. More details in 2008.

Still really enjoying the Charlie Schulz biography, but I'm now up to the late sixties and after unbridled success and acclaim it's turning darker (it's funny, I wouldn't even be reading it if I hadn't read that it's controversial, the family hates it because of his alleged affairs and yet as he and Joyce slide towards the inevitable divorce I find myself going, "No, No! Turn back! Work it out!") Gee, I wonder if Sparky himself has anything to say about this?

"Unhappiness is very funny. Happiness is not funny at all."
—Charles Schulz

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