Monday, December 17, 2007

December 17, 2007
Had to drive down into the Beast this morning for a Channel 8 Documentary they are doing on "Phoenix In The Seventies." The producer, John Booth, is interviewing "oldtimers" who were actually alive then, and involved with KDKB, New Times or The Razz Revue. I was intimately involved with all three and it took John about an hour just to shut me up. Then, as if the BS could not get any deeper, they brought in Wonderful Russ and we did a tag team interview, with both Russ and I on camera. We discussed, among other historical moments, "Googing Out" (Russ and I liked to go to Googies afterhours and entertain the late night diners), Russ posing as an FBI agent to "bust" William Edward Compton, and how Russ ran for governor (his slogan: "He Knows What Arizona Needs" and Dan Harshberger photographed him in front of the State House holding an enema bag). Lots of laughs all around.

Got back out to Cave Creek and the office at about 1:30. No lunch, went right into a job interview with a copy writer I met at an art show last Thursday in Phoenix.

Talked on the phone to Sammy Armstrong of the Las Vegas Buffalo Soldiers. We are going to be taping new episodes of "Gunfight of The Week" for the Outdoor Channel in January, and I want to do the Wham Payroll Robbery where Isiah Mays earned the Medal of Honor. Sammy has about 30 guys, eight who ride. Should work.

Received an early birthday present from The Top Secret Writer. Inside a big box were two Golden Creme Cakes (better known as Twinkies, Hutton's idea of health food) and a bitchin' "MaFrlane's Monsters III: 6 Faces Of Madness—Billy the Kid." Thanks TSW, or as he's better known, PAH! You can see the kid in all his madness at

Meanwhile, in the Christmas mail, Meghan Saar and I both received Chile Creams, made by Senor Murphy, the Santa Fe Candymaker, from our zany contributor and friend, Johnny Boggs. Thanks Johnny!

I have a ton of new artwork to show you but we're still working out the bugs on the new website blog site, and they tell me it should be back in full running order soon. All weekend I stoked the stove in the studio, painted and scratched on about six scratchboards. Oh, and I took a couple naps. Gee, I wonder if the Old Vaqueros have anything to say about that?

"A good rest is half the work."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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