Friday, December 14, 2007

December 14, 2007 Bonus Blog Post
A long time blog reader, Lee, corrected me in an email saying the label "Bonus Blog" is like saying I'm creating another universe. Still, I like the alliteration, so sue me.

We just launched our new, interactive website this morning and there have been some bugs. Sorry if you tried to access this blog in the A.M. as it was not there. Now (3:40 P.M.) it's up, but none of the images are there. According to Trish Brink, who has been in touch with the I.T. guy, who's travelling in South America, it should "populate" any time now.

Went home for lunch and met a roofing guy about several leaks on our flat roof. Turns out our wooden vegas (the poles that stick out from an adobe style home) are shrinking and the water is going in through there and they all need to be refitted. He wants $2K. As I told him, "So do I."

Nice guy though. Another roofer coming out tomorrow for a bid as well.

As you probably know, Buddy Boze Hatkiller has a mind all his own. On our morning bike rides, I can't go all the way to the end of Old Stage Road if the million dollar women on the ten-thousand-dollar horses are in the arena. Why? Because Buddy runs in among them and "plays" with the horses, barking and circling them all. We've worn out two shock collars trying to get him to heel, but to no avail. When some of Kathy's horse friends found out she is the owner of the notorious "horse hater," one of the women sneered, "You're lucky someone doesn't shoot that dog." Just the way the woman said "that dog," it was obvious what our horse neighbors would like to do to that dog-gone ex-New Yorker.

So the other morning as we were waking up, Kathy groggily said, "I know what I'm going to get Buddy for Christmas." When I asked what that would be, she said with some finality, "A pony."

I laughed until I cried. The idea of a little Shetland pony tied up in the backyard, for Buddy to circle and bark at til the cows come home, well, let's just say it made my day.

Buddy's Little Pony arrives tomorrow.

Just kidding.

Received a gaggle of artist quotes from someone who reads this blog (Jeff, Scott, Art himself?) and one of these quotes really got my attention this afternoon. This led to the following scratchboard:

The emotion is regret and I think Mr. Cezanne has a point. It's starting to work. And, I intend to work it some more and as I do, I'll publish the results (probably with some regret).

"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art."
—Paul C├ęzanne

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