Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February 13, 2008
Big Exits Exit practice coming up this weekend at Mike Torres garage in west Phoenix. Charlie Waters is driving down from Henderson, Nevada and Steve Burford is dropping in from Cherry (south of Cottonwood). Talk about garage bands, we certainly qualify. One of the semi-original Exits is Wayne Rutschman, who played tenor sax on two songs and sang falsetto more than he should have. He now lives in Tucson. His wife, Marilyn, sent this photo of the two of us at his thirtieth high school reunion in Kingman (1996). Mike Torres provided the music for them and I sat in for a few tunes wearing my original Exits jacket:

As I told Charlie Waters, this jacket has survived at least 76 moves, including Cochise Hall, Park Lee Apartments, Lambda Chi, Vietnam, Woodstock, Watergate and our cleaning lady. Even my son, Thomas, wore it to a couple dances when he was in junior high. I literally dug it out of a trash bag in my studio and Kathy took it to the dry cleaners last week. It looks great and we plan on having it onstage, on a hanger, as a tribute to Wendell Havatone.

And no, I couldn't button it in 1996 either.

"I see that you have a Buffalo Bill issue coming up. If you do the 'Shootout' between Him and Yellowhand let me know ahead of time. I have some very good reference of what he was wearing that day (His stage costume) plus I did a ton of research on Yellowhand's garb. I finally saw There Will Be Blood last weekend. You were right, GREAT HATS!!!!! They also had great boots for the period. You could tell when it went from 1898 to 1908 how subtle the costume change was but it was DEAD ON! His quail hunting outfit was right out of a Philip R Goodwin painting. Nice cover on the latest magazine too.

"Hey, Bungalo Bill, what did you kill? Bungalo Bill."
—John Lennon, The White Album

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