Thursday, February 21, 2008

February 21, 2008 Bonus Bonus Blog Post
Still trying to get the travel issue out the door (4:22 p.m.). Lots of problems. Robert Ray is going to upload some of the pages in the morning to the printer. We've never been this late, ever.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to track down somewhere to send book buyers for the Jeffrey Burton book The Deadliest Outlaws, which I used extensively on the Steins Pass Classic Gunfight for this issue. We have a copy (he sent me a review copy) but when I contacted one of the Ketchum descendants, Berry Spradley, I got this reply:

"Jeff told me once that only 100 were printed, due to the cost. I think he self-published. I don't know if he has sold out or not. If so, maybe demand has caused him to do a second run. I have had several people contact me wanting to know how to contact him to purchase a copy. His address is:

Jeffrey Burton
Palomino Books
58 Albert Street
Hampshire PO124TY

Burton supposedly doesn't even have a telephone, much less a computer. We got a call from a subscriber saying he found a copy online for sale for $80 and he wanted to know if that is a good price. Well, if only 100 books are in print, I'd say that is a steal.

I just got off the phone with Aaron Cohen at Guidon Books; T.A. Swinford at his bookstore in Avondale; and Bob Pugh in Tucson and they all told me they have no copies. Bob also told me he had 40 and sold them in a heartbeat, and that Burton has no copies.

Hopefully, with the promotion in the next issue of True West (and here) we can change that.

Speaking of stealing, I'm planning a big steal away for May. Henry Martinez is finally getting set to unveil the long-awaited Elfego Baca sculpture on May 24 in Reserve, New Mexico. I helped Henry come up with the concept for the statue and James Muir really nailed the concept:

here's the link to check it out:

I'll post more info as we move along. Steve Hagaman at the Economic Development Department in New Mexico has asked me to come up with a catchy billboard campaign for the event and the unveiling. This is a project I can gladly get behind.

"We should always be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldome generates action."
—Frank Tibolt

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