Monday, February 04, 2008

February 4, 2008 Bonus Blog Post
Finally got in touch with our original lead guitarist, Terry Mitchell, in Flagstaff: Really enjoyed talking with him. Sounds like he made if farther than we did (in the Exits) with his band The Purple Bottle. They were from Silver City, New Mexico and they toured with The Boxtops and the Music Machine ("Talk Talk"). They were advertised on KOMA in Oklahoma City all the time (KOMA was the only rock station we could get in Kingman growing up, and only at night). This was in the 1968-69 era. Pretty amazing. It all came crashing down when their lead guitarist (Terry played rhythm and sang lead) got a girl pregnant in Santa Fe, New Mexico, married her, hated being married and joined the service. Ha. From the frying pan, into. . .

Terry lost one of his fingers dallying (he worked as a cowboy for a time and was roping), but he said he can still get it done. Don't know if he'll make it, but it was a hoot talking to him.

That's Terry, second from left, ripping out "Surfbeat" by Dick Dale in the Girl's Gym, on New Year's Eve, 1964.

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