Friday, February 15, 2008

February 15, 2008
Woke up to more rain. Nice and warm out, though. Went for a bike ride in the sprinkles. Dogs didn't care. Didn't even notice the rain. Prancing around like it's Christmas Day.

Sam got me a book she thought I might like:

I'm interested in learning something from it, but I can't find the time, because I'm checking my email right now.

My old studio mate, Ed Mell, just got a big, splashy spread in the latest issue of Western Interior & Design. Very nice piece on his art studio in downtown Phoenix. I spent six years in that space in the mid-eighties:

Last weekend the whole family, sans Tomas, who's in Peru, met up at Antojos in west Phoenix for Mexcian food. We had the restaurant review (by Howard Settel in The Arizona Republic) cut out and on the refrigerator since, March 2, 2006. We had to pick up Grandma Betty and a friend of hers at 75th Avenue and Bell Road, so we decided to give it a try. Fun place. Deena and Frank met us there. While we were finishing up a guy and his wife came in and he said, "You're a long way from Cave Creek." Turns out TJ Wyatt is a True West subscriber and F-16 Flight Instructor for Lockheed Martin in Litchfield Park, Arizona. Had a nice chat with him and his wife. He says he loves the magazine and has been a subscriber since the early nineties.

By the way, Antojos means "cravings." Good name, hard to remember.

Just got off the phone with author and researcher Bob Alexander. He proofed my copy for the Blast At Steins Pass. He had one request. I told him I would honor it, but held my breath. He said he wanted to make sure Jeffrey Burton got the lion's share of the credit for his lifetime of research. I assured Bob he gets it (in fact, I'm dedicating my editorial to the both of them and their amazing efforts at historical accuracy). What a guy. What a pair of guys.

Speaking of guys, just got this from Iraq:

"The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts a great deal longer."
—Oliver Wendell Holmes

"Sigh, still quoting [in]famous homosexuals just to see if I'm paying attention.

"Your Custer quote was great and I'm sure he thought it once or twice if he didn't actually say it."
—Alan Huffines

Holmes was gay? Where have I been?

"Flaming. He was a male nurse during the Civil War. I understand he was lethal with enemas."
—Alan Huffines

Carole Glenn just took this order from Europe:

"we'd like to order one copy of Classic Gunfights 3 vols. set. We'd ask for retail discount and delivery via our US-freightforwarder - please send by surface mail to: Der Buchfreund, Vienna (Austria)."

"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. "
—The Dalai Lama

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