Thursday, February 28, 2008

February 28, 2008 Bonus Blog Post
One of the things I almost missed at the Academy Awards last Sunday was a film clip for a short film called "Tonto Woman." The snippet clearly showed a woman with the distinctive chin tattoos of Olive Oatman. Could it be? The clip went by so fast I couldn't tell what was going on but I was intrigued enough to Google the title and, sure enough, it's a short, based on an Elmore Leanord story and the YouTube clip is quite cool. Here's the link:

Evidently, the guy who made it, Daniel Barber, funded his own short film as a way of breaking into the film industry. It was up for Best Live Action Short Film. There are two different versions on YouTube and both are quite good. Check it out.

Chaps vs. Shaps, Part II
"CHaps vs SHaps. I don't know of anyone around here that calls chaps CHaps. Chaps is chapped lips or chapped butt, 'That really CHaps my ass'. It's SHaps for the outlaw country."
—Julie Smith, Wyoming

Dan Harshberger came out today for a design review and we did a working lunch and I ordered out from The Bad Donkey. Got some good ideas from the meeting, then studied our covers to determine what worked and what didn't in 2007. Surprisingly, the Glenn Ford cover on 3:10 To Yuma stands tall (in spite of the Top Secret Writer's bitching about it being back-assward—he thought Russell Crowe should have been on the top). Hit on an interesting angle and that is: some covers feature dead guys, who are really dead. Other dead guys seem to live on. It's a tricky equation, but we need to nail this if we are to survive and thrive.

"“Don’t make a big exit. Just go.”
—Marlene Dietrich

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