Monday, February 04, 2008

February 4, 2008 Bonus Bitchin' Blog Post
Funny what hits a nerve. This Wooly Bully stuff has pricked the Blogzone bigtime:

Boardman Blogs On Bully & Boxtops
"Here we go, kids...

"--The Box Tops. I actually met lead singer Alex Chilton about 20 years ago in a DC club. He was only 16 when they did The Letter, which makes him younger than you. He later was part of the cult band Big Star, which is a personal fave. In person, he was very short (about 5'5") and skinny (maybe 130 lbs). And he was treating a cold with orange juice and joints, which he invited me to sample. I was working and had to decline.

"--Keith Olsen, the bass player for the Music Machine, went on to bigger and better things, producing albums by the Grateful Dead, Joe Walsh, Heart, etc., etc. He's best known for producing Fleetwood Mac's gigantic albums of the '70s, Fleetwood Mac and Rumours. In fact, he's credited with bringing Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks into the band (they'd previously lived with him).

"--Sam the Sham's real name is Domingo Samudio. He's still around and has a website, ; Interesting stuff--including his first hand account of falling out of the band's hearse at over 60 miles an hour back in the '60s. Oh, those were halcyon days...

"--L 7 does refer to "square." Anybody who doesn't know that IS an L 7.

"Rock on, my brother..."
—Mark Boardman

Steve Sander's Cheap Sunglasses
"I'm really enjoying your trip into yesteryear and the reunion of The Exits. Talk about reminiscing! I also played drums a few years later in a 50-60s band called Cheap Sunglasses. Youre right about that music and memories making you feel young and vibrant. That music is ageless. I watched the video clip of Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs and boy did that bring back some memories: Where the Action Is after school each day; Lloyd Thaxton telling one of the couples on his show 'Boy, dont dance near me, you'll stomp me to death.' And the best: my dad coming home from work at the same time me and my friends were watching that same clip; he took a look at the screen and said, 'God help us if we ever have to go to war.' Ha! Priceless! And that bitchin go-go dancer?! Talk about conjuring up early naive and unknowing fantasies. Forget about it! Thanks again. This journey will be great to witness. Rock on dude!"
—Steve Sanders

"Lonely days are gone, I'm ah goin' home, my baby, she wrote me a letter."
—The Boxtops, "The Letter" (1966)

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