Monday, February 18, 2008

February 18, 2008
Wild weekend (for someone my age). Charlie and Linda Waters drove in from Henderson, Nevada and stayed with us. Kathy rigged up the Kingman bridal suite with a curtain rod deal separating the two kid's bedrooms from the hallway so they could have some privacy (when Deena and Tommy were precocious teenagers, the last thing we wanted for them was privacy).

On Friday night the Waters, Kathy and I met Dan and Darlene Harshberger at El Conquistador (my kids call it "The Conky Donkey") for dinner. Charles tried the mole enchiladas and I had the tampiquena. We also drained two pitchers of margaritas, so our IQs were getting pretty elevated.

On Saturday morning, the rehearsal at Mike's house came off good enough. We practiced for about four hours. Steve Burford came and we worked on him playing bass on "Pipeline" and "House of The Rising Sun," and "Gloria." Charlie ripped it pretty good on "Good Guys Don't Wear White," and a sweet version of "Angel Baby" which he will be doing with his brother John as a tribute to their sister Sara Ann, who passed away last year.

From there, Charlie and I met the girls for an early dinner at the Keg Steakhouse at Desert Ridge. We also stayed up late every night (several minutes past 11 on Friday night!). On Saturday night Charlie and I drove down into the Beast to hear Kokomo (Mike Torres' duo) at Bobbie's: A Mancuso Restaurant. Place was slammed with the beautiful people, although, for some reason there were also some really old people upstairs in the bar. When Mike's partner, Roger Enrico, did a stirring rendition of "My Girl" I noticed this table of old people singing along on the chorus (along with me and Bugs) and I thought, "How could those geezers know the words to this hip song?" Finally, it dawned on me, they are Boomers, like me, and this is what we all look like. Ouch!

I had two glasses of wine and Charlie had two triple secs & tonic: $65, Charlie bought (includes tip).

Had much fun with Charlie and Linda. We had breakfast at El Encanto. Sat outside by the pond and had huevos rancheros and then they took off for home.

Sore today and I know why.

"Old age is a damned high price to pay for maturity."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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