Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February 13, 2008 Bonus Blog Post
Working on Beauty (the character in Mickey Free):

and Ed "Shoot'em Up Dick" Cullen (bottom, left):

There Will Be Earp
"Ed Doheny, the guy who was more or less the model for Plainview in There Will Be Blood, also had a direct connection with another Old West character--

"Wyatt Earp.

"Another comparison for Josephine was petroleum speculator Edward L. Doheny, who as a young man worked for Wyatt Earp in Tombstone as a faro lookout at $8 a day. Now, he was not only rich beyond imagination but enjoyed the trappings of wealth, including a mansion befitting his status and a private railroad car. Josephine constantly chided Wyatt, 'Look at him. He used to work for you. Now he has his own private car. We have nothing. What’s the matter with you?' Earp often responded with silence.

"His wife’s constant complaining did not discourage her from coaxing a hundred dollar loan from Doheny, claiming it was for Wyatt. Earp knew nothing of the transaction, Josephine keeping all that information to herself after gambling away the money. Doheny eventually asked Wyatt about the loan. Embarrassed, Earp was forced to admit ignorance. The amused millionaire accepted the situation, but never 'loaned' any more money to Mrs. Earp.
—Mark Boardman

"Look at him. He works for you. He has his own private car. All we have is a magazine. What's the matter with you?"
—Kathy Radina, to BBB regarding Mark Boardman

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