Wednesday, February 06, 2008

February 6, 2008
True West board meeting today. Everyone is cleaning and getting ready. Lots of budget work yesterday. Never fun, but necessary. Left the office about six last night, worked at home another hour, or so.

"There Will Be Blood": Redemption With No Redemption
"Caught that one today. Boy, the joy of life has been sucked right out of me, but what an amazing visual movie, great acting, and (you're right) great hats, a story of redemption with no redemption, and a bunch of unlikable people, and the poster child for Santa Fe's Say No To Oil protest!

"Suicidally yours,"
—Johnny Boggs

Working on the Steins Pass robbery for CG. Gus sent in his site map showing the surrounding area where the events took place. Got two photos from Bob Alexander that are spectacular. Where he finds this stuff I don't know, but he is an excellent researcher.

Finished sketch number 5,708 last night. When I was cleaning and organizing in my studio last weekend, I found a list of graphic novel projects I wanted to do in 1990 (the heading was: "My Goals For The 90s"):

A book on Billy the Kid. Check. A book on Wyatt Earp. Check. A book on Doc Holliday. Check. A book on Tombstone. Check twice. About 12th on the list was the name "Mickey Free," with a priority star in front of it. Still working on that one. Somewhat surprising that I have had the Mickster on my radar for 18 years and counting. Still struggling with exactly how to do it. And I get down on myself for not having the skills I need to get it done. Gee, I wonder if John Wooden has anything to say about this?

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."
—John Wooden

Thanks, coach. I needed that.

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