Friday, February 22, 2008

February 22, 2008 Bonus Bonus Blog Post
Still trying to alert author Jeffrey Burton in England about the impending Classic Gunfight which plugs his book The Deadliest Outlaws. This morning I got in touch with The Westerners which is an international group Burton belongs to. I wondered if they could contact him quicker than a letter could (Burton has no phone nor computer). I got this enigmatic reply:

Hi Bob,
Your request is thoughtful, but remember that in the spirit of the
West, folks are prone to disappearing. Westerners International does try to
keep track of its various chapters, but structure and organization is by
design always in short supply. It's spelled out that way in our by-laws.
That's the way of the West. I did a little "googling" on Jeffrey Burton and
turned up your name as well. Here is your best bet:

English Westerners Society (9) org Nov 1954. 114 members. Meets about three
times a year. Sheriff Richard J. Pratt. "Rep" K. E. Galvin, 130 The Keep,
Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, UK KT2 5UE. E-mail

If he is a member, you can at least alert the local representative. Try our
website that lists our various local organizations at . The "Tally Sheet" is
first listed alphabetically by state and then by nation. Best of luck to
Kent McInnis
Chairman, Board of Directors
Westerners International

Meanwhile, got this from a friend in Tucson this morning:

"In my opinion Jeff Burton's, first edition book, The Deadliest Outlaws is a modern day rarity! If you have one hang on to it. The last one I had sold for $145.00 very, very fast."
—Kevin Mulkins

What does all of this mean? Gee, I wonder if Ben has anything to say on this?

"Content makes poor men rich."
—Ben Franklin

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