Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Billy Still Riding High In Lincoln County

February 10, 2015
   We had an attempted break-in at the True West World Headquarters last night (alarm went off at midnite). Back door is ajar, alarm won't go off, nothing appears to be missing. The police came around 8 this morning to inspect lock.

Door Jam?

   Trying to work with alarm going off every five minutes. Ah, welcome to the new tech hell.

   Working on a possible poster design for an upcoming pageant:

Daily Whip Out: rough for "Billy Keeps Riding High In Lincoln County"

   Vincent van Gogh is in Arles now, and he is closing in on his most iconic work and yet, emotionally he is as lost as ever. I'm referring to the opus biography I'm reading. He is about to hit paydirt, but the cruel irony is there is no pay in that dirt, for him. Here is a quote about one of his breakthroughs:

"It was a dazzling summary—an image that finally connected his new art to the emotional wellspring of his imagination: the past."
Van Gogh, The Life, referring to his painting of "The Langlois Bridge"