Friday, February 06, 2015

Tapaderos to Beat The Band

February 6, 2015
   Our internet was down all day yesterday so I went home and did artwork. Remember this little study from my failure pile?

Daily Whipout: "Stage Going to Beat The Band"

   My grandmother Minnie Bell had all these old, quaint sayings, "Those boys were going to beat the band." Also, "What in the Sam Hill?" Always loved them, and her.

   Proof that I do listen: I felt like the transparency on the Blue-Eyed Vaquero's horse was a little suspect (you can see the horizon line and gradation through the horse.This speaks to bad coverage on my part:

Daily Whip Out: "Blue-Eyed Vaquero On The Hunt for The Mexicali Stud"

   This was bugging me. So I took the painting back to the studio and hid the horizon a little better. And then, since I was in fixing mode, I added tapaderos!

Daily Whip Out: "Blue-Eyed Vaquero On The Hunt for The Mexicali Stud, No. 2"

   Going home right now to meet the heater guy, so expect a whipout after lunch.

"The whole of modern art is an articulation of barbarity."
—Some van Gogh expert talking about his art and the birth of Modern Art