Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Doc Detrains

February 18, 2015
   Got up this morning and whipped out the last image for the "Blood On The Tracks" Classic Gunfight in the next issue of True West (April). This board came out of my Promising Patina Pile (I liked the random edges, like in an old photo). The scene portrays Doc Holliday at the Tucson train station on the night of March 20, 1882. An eye-witness testified Doc got off the train carrying two shotguns and had an ulster coat over his shoulder. He placed the shotguns in the freight house for safe keeping, sort of like a locker at a bus station. Given the results of the evening, I wonder if he had to run back and do paper work to get it out of hock? Probably not, but considering they expected trouble, it does seem odd he would "check" the weapons.

Daily Whip Out: "Doc Detrains"

   Another eye-witness noted that Sherm McMasters had on two cartridge belts. They must have cut an imposing clot of figures, and why Frank Stilwell, upon seeing these nasty dudes armed to the teeth, decided to hang around, doesn't say much for his intelligence.

   Had good reference: went over to Ken Amorosano's house last night and he broke out his shotguns from his gun safe and threw a duster over his shoulder. Of course, the pump shotgun is totally wrong, but I was more interested in the position of his hands and where the barrels lined up (basically hat level)

Ken Amorosano assumes the stance

   Issue goes to press tomorrow. Glad I had the time to do this last scene.

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