Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Insane On The van Gogh Plane

February 3, 2015
   Went home for lunch and worked with Curator Cal on filing Daily Whip Outs, then sat down and whipped out another Ratcliff Ridge study:

Daily Whip Out: "Ratcliff Ridge Sunrise"

     Still knee deep in van Gogh scholarship: on page 585 of the big biography. Watched "Van Gogh" (1992) a French film on the mad Dutchman artist. In other words, lots of sex and nakedness, plus some pretty astute dialogue on painting and the times:

"Van Gogh" (1992)

"His many weaknesses add up to strength."
—Margeritte Gachet (above) played by Alexandra London

   We flew in from Pasadena yesterday straight into the teeth of the biggest travel day in the history of Sky Harbor (an estimated 180,000 travelers trying to get out of town after the Super Bowl and the Phoenix Open). We sailed right through baggage and to our car in record time and it was a breeze. Go figure.

180,000 of my closest friends at Sky Harbor on the day after the Super Bowl

"The kind of paintings liked by people who don't like paintings."
—Van Gogh describing the customers of the painters he doesn't like