Monday, February 23, 2015

Hualapai Historian, Part II

February 23, 2015
   Finished the Van Gogh book last night (got bored with the Oscars and went in the bedroom to read). Lots to say about the mad Dutchman, but suffice to say, it wasn't just Vincent—that is one crazy family!

   An update on my painting of the Hualapai historian. I took a photo of the painting with my phone and posted it yesterday, but this morning I came into the office and scanned it, and I think you'll notice a little stronger hues and color:

Daily Whipout: "The Historian"

   And here is the source material, an article by author George Wharton James, July 1903--The Four Track News, was founded in July 1901 by George H. Daniels. Illustrated magazine of travel and education. Published by the Passenger Department of the New York Central and Hudson River railroad in NY.

A Wallapai Story Teller

   Thanks to Gay Mathis for sending me the info on this publication, and also for including this anecdote:

"The [Wallapai] women generally wear their hair banged over the forehead, so that the eyebrows are almost covered, and the rest of the hair is cut off level with the shoulders, so that a well-combed head of hair falls heavily around the whole head, covering the major part of the cheeks and sides of the chin. I once made an interesting discovery in regard to this almost complete covering up of the face with the hair. I wished to make a photograph of a woman I had long known and been friendly with. As her eyes and face were scarcely distinguishable, I took the liberty of putting back the hair from her cheeks. She arose in anger, and for three years refused to speak or meet with me. I had given her the most serious insult a man could offer to a Wallapai woman."
—George Wharton James

"I like fruit baskets because a fruit basket enables you to mail somebody fruit without appearing insane."
—Demetri Martin