Friday, February 13, 2015

Tom Horn In Firelight

February 13, 2015
   We donated our vast library to Scottsdale's Museum of The West and a three-person loading crew is here this morning moving everything out. The True West Library will be housed in the Ridenour Wing of Western Spirit at the new museum.

   Found this in my Do-Or-Die pile this morning and tweaked it slightly before I came into work.

Daily Whip Out: "Tom Horn In Firelight: On Some Level He Knew What Was Coming."

   A note on my recent art output: when you almost die, it has a profound effect on your daily outlook. Then, add to that, when you hear of someone in the news dying ("60 Minutes" correspondent Bob Simon yesterday) it brings the feeling even closer because I know what it's like to be here one moment, and gone the next. Part of me is still back there, on the other side of March 22, 2008, walking around, playing drums and joking with Charlie and Steve (both have since died), oblivious to the cliff I was approaching. If you have ever wondered why I paint so fast and so furious, look no further for an answer.

"On some level I knew what was coming."
—Old Cartoonist Saying