Sunday, February 01, 2015

Two-fisted Strawberry Gorging

February 1, 2015
   Kathy and I landed in Burbank yesterday at ten and Deena picked us up and took us to the Silverlake Farmer's Market, held under the sign of a mega-bomb of a movie (Johnny Depp's third in a row):

Silverlake Farmer's Market

   When you get called to babysit grandchildren it pays to know what they like. Here's Weston at the Silverlake Farmer's Market throwing down strawberries.

A Two-fisted Strawberry Slamfest that resulted in "Icky-icky hands."

   Turns out he also likes cupboard spelunking.

Weston Exploring The Fascinating World of Kitchen Cupboards

   Oh, and chewing on Jo Jo (seen here stuffed in a Diaper Genie):

Weston Chews On Jo Jo Who Has Been Stuffed Into A Diaper Genie Found in Cupboard

"'Compllimentary' or not, you can't take ninety million dollars' worth of mints."
—Cops interrogating a suspect in a New Yorker cartoon