Friday, February 27, 2015

Talkin' 'Bout My Generation!

February 27, 2015
    This summer, my class—1965—is getting set for our fiftieth high school reunion. Wow! Doesn't even seem possible. All those former hipsters (myself included) would do well to heed Bob Dylan's words (from AARP magazine!): "Don't try to act like you're young. You could really hurt yourself."

Talkin' 'Bout My Generation!

   Meanwhile, Mark Fairall posted a photograph of The Exits on Facebook, performing on New Year's Eve, 1964:

The Exits on New Year's Eve, Girl's Gym: L to R: Terry Mitchell, Wendell Havatone, Charlie Waters, BBB and Wayne Rutschman. The song? "Surfbeat" by Dick Dale and The Deltones

   I mentioned that I bought the three-piece Beatle suit I am wearing in the photo from Central Commercial for $17 because nobody in Kingman would buy it, but me. As I was posting this, I realized the jacket is hanging in my office!

My 51-year-old Beatle jacket

   I can't remember why I brought this in to the office, but there it is, in all its sagging glory. Thomas Charles, my son, found it in my closet when he was in high school and wore it proudly to his prom It has seen some mileage but it still rocks.

   One final note: when I was in my rocker years I loved The Stones, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC but I also had a country streak and loved Johnny Cash, The Hag and Waylon Jennings. I never dreamed these disparate styles would ever meld into one song, much less from a Country mainstream performer, but that is exactly the musical blend that Eric Church strip mines with full force.

"I like my Country rockin', how 'bout you?"
—Eric Church, in the rockin' tune "How 'Bout You?" which segues into the triple-time AC/DC guitar lick on "Thunderstruck"