Thursday, February 05, 2015

Lozen In Twilight

February 5, 2015
   Went home last night with major problems at our offices. We went with a new provider and our internet is down, no one can work, send faxes, etc. Very frustrating.

   Got up this morning and whipped out a little painting of Lozen. Took it into work, but internet is still down so I couldn't post it there and, so, I took it home, and after lunch gave it another pass. When our internet is fixed (this is the new hell, by the way!) I'll post the first pass scan, vs. this newer version:

Daily Whipout: "Lozen In Twilight"

   It's slightly compromised because I shot it with my cell phone and I had to crop some of the image because the paper is bent, but it's an interesting example of when do you put the brushes down. I kind of think this more detailed version is better, but I may be wrong. You'll see, assuming we ever get back on line.

"Mark my words, the internet is going away."
—some internet guru predicting the net is going away and we will all be hooked-up continuously