Friday, November 06, 2015

Hogtown Hussies On The Brain

November 6, 3015
   I've got hogtown hussies on the brain. Got up this morning and broke out my scratchboard tools and scratched out this before coming into work.

Daily Whip Out: "Scratchboard Hussies #7"

   This, of course, is a reworking of the roughs I did last week in my sketchbook:

Daily Whip Out: "Hogtown Hussies #1"

   I think the scratchboard is a little more serious than I wanted it to be. I also didn't get in the chubby cyprian (middle, left, above) who is much more accurate than the bevvy of Lonesome Dove style ladies in the scratchboard. I also have a notion to put in an actual porker (i.e. a real pig) at the bottom, or on the lap of one of the "girls." Over-producing? Oh, I think so.

   And, lest you think I have forgotten the Native Women, I also really like this gal:

Daily Whip Out: "Las Tules"

"The newspaper is the natural enemy of the book, as the whore is of the decent woman."
—The Goncourt Brothers, 1858

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  1. Raymon Wier5:13 PM

    live was short hard and brutal in those days. I don't blame anybody for doing what they did to survive. Equally so since wasn't violent.


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