Thursday, November 12, 2015

Stage Door Johnnies and Cut Eared Madmen

November 12, 2015
   Found a great photo this morning of Annie Oakley talking to two groupies:

Annie Oakley With Stage-Door-Johnnies, circa 1889
Photo by Count Primoli, an amateur photographer 

   Annie was a bonified rock star who had to fend off wanted and unwanted attention. This photo will be part of the package on our big Buffalo Bill performing in Paris feature in March. Whistler caught the show as did Paul Gauguin and thousands of others on the European continent. Cody definitely influenced one Renee Secretan, who, several months later, may have accidentally shot a certain one-eared Dutch, redheaded madman.

Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat Department:
   Took another crack at that damn cut-in-half ear this morning. Also, the Pince Nez spectacles on Theo. I'll get 'em both yet.

Daily Whip Outs: "Two Brothers, Pince Nez Spectacles And One Missing Ear"

"Dark glasses were not referred to as 'sunglasses' until after 1900. And for some reason green lenses became associated with syphilis and we don't know why."
—Tom of Historical EyeWear Company 

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  1. From this photo archive lists Annie Oakley photo taken in Rome March 1890--Count Primoli.. Check out all the other Oakley photos etc.. listed..


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