Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A Thai Princess Artist and A Swedish Couple Rock My World

January 23, 2018
   A certain Birthday boy turns 35 today.

Thomas Charles Bell and his Thai Princesses
on the South Rim.

   His daughter, the little princess above, Harper Pothong Bell, 18-months, is a budding artist. She came out to my studio over Christmas and knocked this painting out while sitting on the floor at my feet:

"Crow And Shark," by Harper Pothong Bell

   I am amazed—and inspired—at the fluid wonderfulness of this. Yes, someday I hope to paint this good.

   Meanwhile, during a cover planning meeting yesterday with my editors, Stuart Rosebrook and Meghan Saar, we were interrupted by a Swedish couple who came in the front office and wanted to meet me. Carole came back and got me and when I went up front I met these wonderful people from Marieholmsbruk, Sweden. They love True West and use it extensively on their travels to find the best places to see.

Swedes Rock My World

"We take you there."
—our working motto at True West

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