Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Topless Gunfighter, A Bottomless Money Pit and A Silver-Haired Angel

January 21, 2018
   We were cleaning out the garage yesterday and I found a couple gems. One is this old cover painting: "The Topless Gunfighter." I had high hopes for this as a True West cover, but it didn't do very well on the newsstand.

"The Topless Gunfighter"

Some hated her arm, one of my partners (see RM below) thought it was too tawdry.

And here's an old photograph of my staff and original partners at True West, circa 2000.

In The Beginning: The True West Staff at Clantonville

  The two guys behind me, Robert G. McCubbin, far left, and Rick Baish, over my left shoulder, matched my initial investment by putting up $250,000 each, and after a couple years of continuous, heartbreaking losses, both bailed. Kathy and I ended up investing another $75,000 and then getting a second mortgage on our house to keep the doors open, and the beautiful woman, at right, Carole Glenn (second from right, silver hair), lent us the rest to keep the doors open. In fact, Carole and I are the only two from this photo who are still with True West. Needless to say, next to Kathy, I love this woman more than any other person on the planet.

"No man is a man until he's had to meet a payroll."
—Old Vaquero Saying

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