Friday, October 19, 2018

Apache Duotone And Chuckawala Willy

October 19, 2018
   Looks like a great weekend ahead. Trying to simplify my approach.

Daily Whip Out: "Apache Duotone"

   After we visited the local museum in Shoshone, California, just outside the Death Valley National Park, I drew a sketch of one of the miners I saw in the display case. I showed the drawing to Kathy and said, "What is his name?"

   She replied, without even pausing:

   "That's Chuckawala Willy."

   And so it is. I realize the formal pronunciation is chuckwala, but I have always pronounced it as chuck-ah-wala, because, well, I grew up in Kingman.

   One of the major lessons Kathy and I learned on our recent jaunt to Nipton and Death Valley is: when coffee is as important to us as it is, we need to bring our own coffeemaker.

   Why? I agree with this statement:

"Decaf? You mean brown sadness water?"
—A serious coffee drinker saying


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