Thursday, October 25, 2018

Three peaks 113 years apart

October 25, 2018
   Just saw this great photo of the owner of Spur Cross Ranch, taken in 1905.

   The photo shows the former mayor of Phoenix standing on his land with three prominent peaks in the background. That would be Fortification Rock, on the left (which is at the front end of Elephant Butte) and Sugarloaf on the right.

   Here are those same three peaks taken 113 years later and just down the road from the above photo:

Old Stage Road leading
towards Morning Star.

   I couldn't leave well enough alone on my tragic young Lady of the Cribs:

Daily Whip Out: "Life On Line #2"

So I gave her another wash, or two. Here is the original, below, which has some looseness I lost on the second go round. Proves the old saying: for everything you gain, you lose something, and, for everything you lose, you gain something.

"Life On The Line rough"

"I can tell if people are judgmental just by looking at them."
—Old Pompous Ass Saying

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