Thursday, October 18, 2018

Union Pass Clouds and Golden Valley Clouds

October 18, 2018
   On our trip home from Death Valley we caught storm clouds all the way from the Colorado River to Cave Creek. Here is a cool shot at Union Pass in the Black Range at 8:30 on Sunday, October 14:

Union Pass Clouds

Union Pass from the Colorado River

   Motoring towards my hometown, we caught this rolling beauty:

Golden Valley Clouds

And then on to our home territory:

New River Clouds

   All in all a great trip although I wouldn't do the Laughlin casino leg of the trip again. We wanted the river walk in the morning, but the swarming gnats ruined that little fantasy.

   Yes, Nipton was a hoot-and-a-half and very relaxing and so was the Oasis at Furnace Creek Inn in Death Valley.

   We gave our good friend John Goodwin at Galaxy Press an award last week.

   My Own Personal Permanent Victory Tour

   I have an anniversary coming up. As of this coming September, in 2019, I will have been running True West for twenty years. This is about seventeen years longer than I thought it would be. Against long odds and a heavy handicap (I am not a businessman and even married a math teacher so my checkbook would balance), the magazine has survived and even thrived, thanks to a long list of friends and associates who somehow stuck with me through thick and thin (we lost about $30k a month for the first two years).

   The key, of course, is having good people to help out the cause, and last week we hired a new editor, Peter Corbett, at right. He and our senior editor, Stuart Rosebrook are going to be an editorial team going forward. 

Stuart Rosebrook and Peter Corbett
at the True West World Headquarters

"But Poetry's the son-of-a-bitchiest thingumajig,
it exists—and you can't do a damn thing about it."
—Vladimir Mayakovsky, Russian poet

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