Monday, March 18, 2019

A Pink Wheel Barrow Outside The BBB Hoosegow

March 18, 2019
   After all the rain, last weekend turned out beautiful, which made it especially nice to stay home and enjoy it all.

The Pink Wheel Barrow

   Look how green it is. The middle building, with the wooden bars, is our pump house, or, rather, it houses our water pump and we had Craig Hamilton build the jail-like adobe dwelling to make it look like a Mexican Hoosegow. In point-of-fact, here is an actual Hoosegow:

Juarez, Mexico police station

   Hoosegow is American Spanglish for juzgado, which means court of justice.

Daily Whip Out: "In-din Silhouette"

   Also, working hard on coverage for the opening of the second phase of The Pitch:

Daily Whip Out: "Sharlot Fights Back"

   It always amuses me how serious I tend to get about everything and sometimes I need to step back and take stock of it all.

"I take myself too seriously, probably because I'm a human being. With our big brains and our bigger egos, we can't help building the case to ourselves and others that we are very important creatures, when really we're ludicrous."
—Maeve Higgins, author of "Maeve In America: Essays By a Girl From Somewhere Else."

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