Wednesday, March 13, 2019

1900 Street Scenes And Getting Into Harvard 2019 Style

March 13, 2019
   Working on a set piece for the Sharlot Hall pitch at El Alisal.

Daily Whip Out:
"Sharlot's Pitch at El Alisal"

   Looking for street scenes of women from the 1900 era.

   Found a colorized film from Berlin in 1900 and got some good sketch reference off of it:

Daily Whip Outs: "1900 People"

Daily Whip Outs: "More 1900 People"

   Also, still scratching away.

Daily Scratchboard Whip Out:
 "Grumpy Gus"

This Just In From Wonderful Russ:

HARVARD: We seem to have a problem with your daughter’s application.

RICH PERSON: Here is a large bag of money with a dollar sign on it like in the cartoons.

HARVARD: Welcome to Harvard!

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