Thursday, March 07, 2019

Note to Self: Objects In Mirror Should Be Reversed

March 7, 2019
   This morning, my curator, Kristi Jacobs, found an old set piece on the Heatwave Cafe which kind of stunned me in its raw simplicity. It has a real seventies-Old Pueblo-desert-vibe. (It should—I was living in Tucson at the time.)

Daily Flashback Whip Out:
"Honkytonk Sue Heatwave Cafe Flip-off"

   Note the A-1 truck in the side mirror (pretty cool, although it should be reversed).

"Honkytonk Sue Makes Her Final Point"

   As those days slip farther and farther into the rearview, I've got a final story about the Heatwave Cafe I want to do.

"Grandpa, tell us about the days when you had to buy the whole album even if you only wanted one song."
—Dave Sipress

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