Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Sharlot's Satchel

March 27, 2019
   I have been having some fun trying to figure out Sharlot's wardrobe and gear as she would travel by train on the Santa Fe line from Ashfork, Arizona to Pasadena, California, circa 1900. I figured she needed to carry more than a purse, so I came up with this.

Sharlot's Satchel

   Yes, my hunch-driven imagination tells me Sharlot carries an old school Navajo-Acoma rug style satchel. Here's another view:

Sharlot's Acoma Style Satchel

   A good friend of ours, Roxy Bacon, gifted us a Navajo rug her father bought at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon when he was a park ranger there in, I believe, 1915.

Roxy's Rug

   That's the patina I want with that Old School gray, red and black. Here's another possible design for the satchel:

Navajo Rug Design With iPhone Shadow

   Who makes these? Any custom satchel makers out there? I'd love to commission one.

   I do know one thing. Sharlot walks with determination and purpose.

Daily Whip Out: "Ma'am On A Mission!"

   And, in my telling, she not only walks the walk, she talks the talk.

"Sharlot Speaks With Passion"

"History makes me horny, for the truth."
—Old Horndog Saying


  1. love your ability and detailed concern about color and character

    1. And I love it that you noticed my detailed concern about color and character!


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