Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Campfire Hard Cases

November 12, 2019
   I've been on a campfire kick for a couple weeks now. I'm trying to capture that strangely dramatic, lighting effect as it might relate to some pretty bad outlaws around a fire. I want these campfire banditos to be so hard that it appears like lit-up fireflies, or, sorry, this is gross but accurate—neon maggots are crawling on their skin. 

Daily Whip Out: "Campfire Hard Cases"

Daily Whip Out: "Neon Glow"

Daily Whip Out: "Campfire Studies #6"

   Experimenting with greens which gives it a kind of van Gogh glow. 

   Here's a quick one from my sketchbook, below, that is a repeat, but notice that the green at bottom anchors the glow a bit more. Hmmmm.

Of course, blue against orange is always dynamic. Perhaps too pretty?

The creepy kid tells all.

   Perhaps too much monster lighting? Somewhere in all this firelit madness, lies a clean little story that unfolds around a campfire.

"Fires are strangely historical. They inspire stories, disturb dreams and evoke memories."

—Tom Griffiths

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