Wednesday, November 06, 2019

What Makes Grandpa Ha Ha Really Happy?

November 6, 2019
   You know what makes Grandpa Ha Ha happy? This makes me really happy.

Frances The Reader

   We're going to see her and her brother next week.

   Stumbled upon this nice little painting by our friend, Andy Thomas, of the Fremont Expedition entering Santa Fe.

   Very nice. I think that could be a future cover, cropped in, at center.
   We are hard at work on a big collector's issue for January, which will feature never-before-published photos of a certain outlaw gang and new uncovered information on a certain band of brothers:

"The Whip Out"

"All had seen the inside of a jail: Wyatt in Arkansas and Illinois, Jim in Montana, Virgil in Iowa, and Morgan in Illinois and Missouri. Wyatt and Jim were jailbreakers. Wyatt, Jim, and Morgan had all been pimps. Virgil had been charged with both arson and fraud."
—John Boessenecker, "Ride The Devil's Herd"

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