Friday, November 01, 2019

Campfire Sparks Or Flying Sperm?

November 1, 2019
   Working on a campfire sequence and wanted to see if I could capture those sparks that come off the fire.

Daily Whip Out Study:
"Campfire Sparks Or flying Sperm"

   Got a postcard today from my friend Peter Corbett:

   "Isn't this the wide spot in the road you visited a year ago? This place is cool. I stumbled on it earlier this week on my way to the former Union Pacific Kelso Depot in Mohave National Preserve.

"I guess cannabis capitalists [from Phoenix] bought Nipton last year for $5 million and sold it this year for $7.7 million to Delta International Oil & Gas."
—Peter Corbett

   Yes, this is the wide spot in the road Kathy and I stayed at in October of 2018 on our way to Death Valley. I am kind of glad the Weed guys sold the place, but dang, they made some serious money in a short time didn't they?

   Meanwhile, the Top Secret Writer is here and he's helping us locate classic old True West articles, like this one:

Another wonderful Al Napoletano illustration from True West magazine, January 1966

   Then Paul Andrew Hutton found this classic:

By Gary L. Roberts, no less, November 1965

"I got gas today for $1.39. Unfortunately, it was at White Castle."
—Old Fast Food Joke

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