Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Campfire Hallucinations & El Rancho Grande Mexican Movie Posters

March 3, 2020
   Sometimes it seems like the artwork goes where it wants to go.

Daily Whip Out: "Campfire Hallucinations"

   Other times I am inspired by images sent to me. For example, my Tejano-Artist-Amigo Buckeye Blake, sent me this photo of Navajos at the Flagstaff Pow Wow in the 1920s when In-dins became cowboys, Bigtime.

Under The Navajo Brim

Muy Mas Mexicano!
   I've been studying classic Mexican movie posters to get the feel for that period. This is for a graphic novel I am working on with my son.

 "Vuelven los Garcias" (The Garcias Return)

   I love that period of El Rancho Grande (literally):

"Alla en el Rancho Grande"
(Over at The Big Ranch)
American title:
"The Little Cock That Could"

"Dona Diabla" (She Devil), 1949

"Si Adelita Se Fuera Con Otro"
(If Adelita Went off With Another Man)
American Title:
"Double Dating With Pancho Villa"

"Cartas Marcadas" (Marked Cards), 1947
American title: "Infantile Humor Scores Big"

   Full disclosure: some of the previous renamed American titles are mine.

   When it comes to public speaking:

 "It only matters how much we empower our audience to solve a problem they truly care about."
—Neil Gordon

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