Tuesday, March 24, 2020

This Fight Has Commenced

March 24, 2020
   The True West office has been closed for over a week now and we are all suffering from isolation.

   So, we held our first Zoom conference call this morning and it was illuminating, hopeful and I must say, it is the future of our business.

   Yes, that's me taking notes, at right.

   This is actually a Mexican Revolution photo, courtesy of Samuel K. Dolan.

   The essence of the Zoom call is that the entire staff, all 12 of us, were on a conference call. About half of us were on video and the rest were just audio. We got to hear about sales efforts (our advertisers are holding strong) and we learned about our online sales (today's subscripition offer netted 190 new subs in the first two hours!). All of this points to some new rules.

New Rules for the Pandemic World
• Do not hunker down
• Demonstrate candor with your crew
• Give up more authority than seems natural
• Be connected, listen and adapt
• Be more compassionate than you think you need to be.

   Who is advocating all of this? These guys:

"We are now weathering a once-in-a-hundred-year event, and Americans are hurt—physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Leaders at all levels in society need to embrace the changes this crisis brings rather than struggle against it. Your people need you. This is your moment, and you can rise to it."
—Stanley McChrystal and Chris Fussell

   Or, put another way. . .

"This fight has commenced. Get to fighting, or get out."
—Wyatt Earp to Ike Clanton on October 26, 1881

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