Thursday, March 19, 2020

Mopeds And MacDonald Mayhem

March 19, 2020
   Went for a walk this morning and caught this break in the clouds up on Morningstar.

A break in the storm? Hope so

   Thanks to Wonderful Russ for finding this stand up by Norm MacDonald just before the quarantine, on March 13. These are not "bits" or even "jokes" it's just Norm, being Norm, and giving voice to all of our anxieties, which takes courage to do, Man.

Norm MacDonald Didn't Plan On This

   Here's a great then and now photo comparison:

Same couple, same location, same "bike"

   I believe that is a moped and I had one like it which my dad ordered out of Montgomery Ward in 1963. We rented a cabin in the Hualapais for a week in August and the moped came in a box in the mail and my dad brought it up the mountain and assembled it and Dan Harshberger and I took turns driving it around the paved loop where the CC cabins were located.

Dan The Man and BBB on
Montgomery Ward Moped

   This is in the side yard of Dan's parent's house on Chambers Avenue in Kingman, about 58 years ago.

   And, here we are, still hanging out together with our wives.

The D's and B's at the Arizona Inn in Tucson

   We go back.

   Still wrestling with my so-so writing. Saw some inspiring advice recently.

"When I read a page of my own writing, if it doesn't upset me a little bit, it's too bland for my taste."
—Wallace Shawn


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  1. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Not to be "that guy," but that is not a moped but instead a Honda 50cc Super Cub.

    IIRC, Monkey Wards' mopeds were built by Benelli in Italy.

    All true mopeds could be human powered by pedals like a bicycle, the Honda Super Cub could not.

    Hmm, maybe I am "that guy"?

    Be safe, avoid the "boomer remover" as long as you can.


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