Saturday, March 07, 2020

Ridge Blaster & The Tucson Stratocasters

March 7, 2020
   Very little intrigues me more than a horseback rider blasting across a ridge line.

Daily Whip Out: "Ridge Blaster"

   When I was just a lad, I attended the University of Arizona in Tucson (1965-1970) and just missed encountering this Tucson singer with the big pipes:

Linda Ronstadt

   I did, however, play in various Tucson bands with a couple different git pickers who were in the Stone Poneys with her. They were both fond of Strats (Fender Stratocasters). 

   Speaking of Strat Masters, I had lunch today with Jack Alves, who is a great rock guitarist and played with Hans Olsen and I in the Razz Band.

Jack Alves, Chips & Salsa Guitar Hero

   I am asking Jack to provide some original licks to a video of Geronimo that will support this tour:

"We are all born crazy, only a few remain."
—Samuel Beckett

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