Thursday, June 03, 2021

The BtK Class of 2021 Just Keeps Getting Better

 June 3, 2021

   Here's a metaphor I can hang my hat on: as a part-time substitute teacher in a class full of renegade ruffians, I am proud to say this year's BtK Class of 2021 has made us all proud. In addition to yesterday's accolades, here are a few more that just came in.

Daily Whip Out:

"Bandido In The Green Hatband"

Tom Blyth In The Tunstall Store

The BtK Class of 2021

  This just in: in addition to the fine scholars I mentioned yesterday, we just received word on the day True West magazine goes to press, that Tom Blyth, above, has been tapped to play the Kid in a new eight part Epix-MGM series being written and produced by Michael Hirst (Elizabeth, The Tudors, Vikings). Filming begins in Calgary this June and the series is set to air in 2022. Photo of Blyth in the Tunstall Store in Lincoln, New Mexico on May 27, by Tiffanie Owen.

The Kid In The Bright Green Irish Hatband

   This also just in: A big thanks to researcher James Townsend, who forwarded us this newspaper clipping from the Ruidoso News, from August 1, 1952, which states that this is a reprint from an 1881 article in the Lincoln County Leader:

from the Lincoln County Reader:
"The Kid in the broad brimmed sombrero
with the bright green Irish hat band"

   Well, I guess that settles THAT!

"The more we find out, the less we know for sure."

—Old Vaquero Saying

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  1. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Pure speculation but, could that side crease bowler of Btk’s been a one time deal ?
    As Billy posed for that photo, could the photographer have said, “ That sombrero shades your face, here wear my hat “


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