Saturday, June 05, 2021

Travails of The Re-Emerging

 June 5, 2021

   Well, the signs are everywhere. In the waning times of sweat pants and Zoom shirts, I bring you a respite—and a few observations—about the travails of the re-emerging.

Travails From The Re-Emerging

Albert Baggetta, from Agawam, Massachusetts, saw a problem and fixed it. If only more Americans would do this in the reemerging, I think our country would be in better shape.

"I tried to find True West magazine at our local Barnes & Noble but it was buried behind a bunch of other mags, so I was forced to bring the batch to the front, so others wouldn't have a difficult time finding them."

—Al Baggetta

On The Covid Front

  It's been seven weeks now of mild symptoms and after a hearty regimen of super vitamins and selected medicinal herbs, I am still in the same place, which is discouraging, but given the horror stories of others who got the dreaded disease without having the vaccine, I am very thankful. But, if I had to choose today what the title of my memoir would be, this would be it.

Daily Whip Out: "All Hat, No Cattle"

For me, it's always been about the hat (I own hundreds) and to be honest with you, although I come from a prominent line of cowboys, I have never owned a cow. Not even an FFA (Future Farmers of America) cow. Not one.

Just sayin'.

The Elusiveness In The Re-Emerging

One thing I have not been able to effective land is the framework of narrative flow.

Daily Whip Outs: "Narrative Flow Studies"

Covid Art?

One of the symptoms of Covid is a foggy brain and a fever. That's what produced this.

Daily Whip Out: "Covid Fever On Paper"

  It's been fun, but we're done? Meanwhile, this is one of my favorite memories:

"Calm down! We're just asking you to wear a mask. You can still wear your pajamas, and leave your bras and teeth at home."


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