Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Weasel Tails & Hungry Wolves

 June 15, 2021

   Got a big special issue of True West magazine in the works. And we're working on a couple different cover concepts, which I can't share just yet, but one of them features this guy:

Weasel Tail, Blackfeet 1900

Edward S. Curtis

   Speaking of covers that rock.

   A series of Alex Hawk covers

   Bill Brooks sent me this great photo, below. He thinks it looks like me, but I am enthralled with his big oi' hat and the pistol handle, which appears to be a Colt Thunderer? As for the resemblance, I never see myself from that side so I don't know. 

Kid In A Canyon

   Want to do a hungry wolf for a project I'm working on with the boys down at Cattletrack. Utilized a 1920s era Ludwig Holwein wolf for this study.

Daily Whip Out:

"Salivate Like A Pavlov Wolf"

The Wisdom of Imitation
"I once met a painting coach who tells students to copy their favorite artists. At first, students resist.
In response, the coach tells them to listen for friction. 'Do you hear that resistance? It’s the whisper of your unique style.' Through imitation, we discover our voice."
—David Perell

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