Monday, September 20, 2021

Cry Macho Gate

 September 20, 2021

   We started watching "Cry Macho" last night. Didn't finish it, but intend to watch the end tonight. Got some issues with it, but I did see a cool gate.

Cry Macho Gate 

  I have always prided myself on having a good memory. Not as good as Charlie Waters, perhaps, but I could always hold my own with remembering who wore what and when, who said what, and why and who sang that at what concert. I say "could" because like all geezers I am slipping, which gives me pause and also makes me want to get down on paper what I remember before it's lost. That said, recent studies on memory and "self-awareness" are more than a little depressing. Turns out all of our memories are pretty shabby and can't be trusted.

Daily Scratchboard Whip Out:


Covering Myself

   I am going to write a memoir and call it:

Tall, Dark & Handsome

My life as a gifted liar.

Cover roughs for The Exits and

Tall, Dark & Handsome

   In the spring of 1963, I was a sophomore at Mohave County Union High School in Kingman, Arizona. My best friend and I had just started a surf band. On our way to third period in the New Building, we were walking up the stairs to Miss Deines' class, debating possible band names. Charlie looked up at the stairwell signage and quipped, "Why don't we call ourselves 'The Exits,' because that's where everyone will go when they hear us play?"

   What a prophetic name that turned out to be. Charlie exited in October of 2014, Steve Burford and Wendell Havatone have both passed. And now we are down to two original members.

More Accurate Narratives

   But, back to sloppy memories. In spite of the bad news, I still strive to be a more accurate storyteller. Is it a fool's errand? Yes, on some level, of course it is.

   In 1993 I worked closely with researcher and Wyatt Earp scholar, Jeff Morey, on the exact movements of the Earps and the Cowboys in the so-called O.K. Corral fight. By pouring over the volumnous evidence and testimony, and by drawing rough maps and correcting them, and by going to Tombstone and walking the actual ground, I was able to pinpoint almost exactly where each combatant stood and their movements in that legendary 30-second street fight.

   Recently, Jeff contacted me and told me he now thinks they were closer to the sidewalk and didn't get all that deep into the lot. And so it goes.

Taking Our Medicine

   A local hospital here is going to replace doctors with parents who have done their research. "I can't tell you how happy and relieved I am when a patient tells me they have done some research on the internet," said the head of Epidemiology, Dr. Greg House. "It's only topped by a patient telling me they have a family member who is a nurse."

The Four Stages of Covid Denial

1. It's a hoax

2. Don't be a sheep

3. Prayers needed

4. Visit our GoFundMe

"Hotel California is asshole music, in some ways introspect from the window of a Learjet."

—James Parker, on The Eagles' current "Hotel California" tour

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