Friday, September 24, 2021

Mountain Men On The Move, Insane Doctors and Red Taillights In The Distance

 September 24, 2021

   We've started working on our December issue. Traditionally, we do a Mountain Man cover, and I have to say when it comes to MM artwork, it's hard to beat these two guys:

Frank McCarthy

"Mountain Man On The Move"

James Bama

"Mountain Man"

   Another book I am itching to do is "Don't Touch My Hat!" with the subhead: "The ten hard and fast rules to avoid getting your patootie kicked." And I think this might be the cover image. 

"Don't touch my hat!"

   Or, if that one is too soft, perhaps this one:

"Don't touch my hat! II"

   What do you think?

    Speaking of Classic Cheese this is a tad racy, but I sure love this parody.

"The Doctor Is Insane!"

   Got up this morning and got out on the road about six and it was quite overcast, and sprinkling. Big swirling clouds in every direction. This is looking north towards Elephant Butte and the red taillights are the newspaper carrier's ripping up Old Stage Road to the next stop.

Red Taillights In The Distance

   One final thought.

"Exactly when is this 'old enough to know better,' supposed to kick in?"

—Every Aging Boomer I know


  1. put the science gone wild on the cover & wake 'um up ! p/s I'd like to comment on the Earp stories, any chance of your email ? thanks Alan Thornton , a subscriber

  2. I bet you hated the scene in Cry Macho where the kid asks to wear Clint's hat!

  3. Yes, I did hate that scene, but there were others! Ha. Also, Alan Thorton, you can email me at


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