Saturday, October 02, 2021

All Around The Instagram Town

 October 2, 2021

   Went up town and all around today. Lots of people out and about, in spite of the fact that 35 a day are dying of Covid in Arizona. Crazy. Speaking of crazy, check this out.

Crazy Dames Times Two?

   Or, this creepy, walking cadaver.

Black Shadows Girl

   I'm always on the lookout for these kinds of images and thanks to Instagram there are thousands to choose from and be inspired by. Not to mention the stuff I really need.

Excellent Buscadero Rig Reference.

   And let's say, I need a very specific scene, like, say, an old, arthritic, African-American man on crutches? Oh, yes, they got that.

Sweet Photo Reference!

   Everyone bitches about social media and how awful it is, but I've got to say, when it comes to photo reference, it is a dream come true.

Children at War

   Got it. There's more where this all came from but we'll save them for later. Meanwhile. . .

   "You can have anything you want at Alice's Restaurant."

—Arlo Guthrie, "Alice's Restaurant"


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  1. I thought the first photo of the crazy dames looked funny. The women are noticeably wearing lipstick, which wasn't done at that time. I used Google reverse image search, and sure enough, modern faces have been photo shopped onto a vintage image. Here's the original, I don't know why it's included in an article about post-mortem photography:


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