Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Special O.K. Corral Postcards Are Landing

 October 28, 2021

     The idea was pretty straight ahead, but it turned out to be very complicated. First off, as you already know, I printed up 250 postcards with this on the front.

   Then I put out the call to my friends and their friends to send me their mailing address and I would put the address labels on them and take the cards with me to Tombstone and mail them out on the actual anniversary so it would have the Tombstone timestamp of the actual day on it. Seemed simple enough, but things got complicated immediately. I went to the Cave Creek post office and asked for two rolls of postcard stamps (I forgot the postcard was printed extra large which needs an extra 10 cents postage on each card). Ouch! That was mistake number one. The printer we use to print labels went south and when I ordered another one, it arrived at five o'clock on October 25, the day before I had to drive to Tombstone. The app wouldn't load and at about 7 P.M. even my phone techs gave up and we called it a day. That was mistake number two. In combining all the different mailing addresses that came in, I am afraid there was some overlap and drop offs. The problem is that the addresses came in via email, on Facebook, on Facebook Messinger, on Messages, etc. and that was mistake number three. I sent the first batch down with Steve Todd and he took care of the extra postage in Tombstone. And when I brought down the second batch (which I addressed by hand on the drive down, while Bill Watters drove the Flex) I had to stand at the counter in the Tombstone Post Office and put the extra postage on (see below).

   And, without further ado, here is the first report of the special postcards landing at their destination today.

Tombstone Timestamp: October 26, 2021

Let me know when you get yours. Whew!

"Heroes are not giant statues framed against a red sky. They are people who say 'This is my community, and it is my responsibility to make it better.'"

—Studs Terkel

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